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Assisting Buyers Accomplish Their Real Estate Goals

You will always be an informed consumer, as I take out the time to explain the home buying process.

I will be able to point out any visibly wrong with the property and make you aware of any material defects, in essence, saving you time and money on inspections that may go wrong. I’ve sold well over 300 homes in my career and attended every inspection, paying close attention and gaining an abundance of knowledge to pass on to my future buyers.

Lastly and most importantly, in todays every changing market, it is important to know how to negotiate not only the best price, but the best deal all together, not necessary the lowest price. Assuring that my client doesn’t loose their dream home, by a “higher offer” or a “more qualified” buyer, as I so often hear happens with others.

I have a team of professionals ready to streamline your buying process ready including, but limited to:

  • mortgage bankers
  • attorneys
  • title companies
  • home inspectors
  • appraisers
  • architects
  • interior designers
  • general contractors
  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • permit expediters
  • exterminators

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